Preshow Vs. Showtime Mode

Preshow Vs. Showtime Mode

Preshow Mode Vs Showtime Mode

The console has two general modes you can use at a given time. These include Preshow mode, which is what you will stay in until the point you are ready to launch, and Showtime mode, which you will switch into just as you are about to launch the show.

Key Differences

Preshow Mode
Showtime Mode
 The default data rate is 40 packets per second
 The default data rate is 10 packets per second. 
 Drones will continuously update their status text
 The time between status reporting is lengthened
 The preshow is used to set everything up, from   laying out the drones to turning the safeties off.
 Once safeties are off, showtime mode will be used   to launch the show.
 Power cycling a drone during Preshow mode will   have no adverse effect.
 Power cycling a drone in showtime mode will cause   the drone not to show back up until the console is   switched back to preshow mode.
 All calibrations and reboots are performed in   Preshow mode
 All calibrations and reboots will be blocked off   while in Showtime mode
 Preshow mode is used to get all the drones into   their slots within the grid.
 Switching to Showtime mode locks the drones into   said slots. If a drone is switched with a sideline   drone, it will not register as being in the grid unless   the console is changed to Preshow mode and then   back to Showtime mode.

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