Packing and Unpacking Drones

Packing and Unpacking Drones

Drones are packed in briefcases which are loaded into road cases. Each road case holds 8 briefcases (two rows of four), for a total of 40 drones. 

To remove drones from the road cases, each briefcase needs to be taken out, opened, and the drones removed.  

There is a specific sequence that needs to be followed in order for Drones to be put back into the cases.  

Step 1:
Put one drone into the center slot, upside down. The antenna should be pointing in the same direction as the blue arrow in the center of the case. 

Step 2:
The two out side drones need to be put in next. They go in right side up with the antenna pointing in the same direction as the blue arrows on either side of the center drone.

Step 3:
The drones to the right and left of the center drone go in last. They go in facing right side up with the antenna pointing in the same direction as the blue arrows to either side of the center drone. 

When putting drones back into briefcases, you may need to adjust the propellers in order to get the drones seated properly. 
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