Drone Safety And Handling

Drone Safety And Handling

Safety protocol when working with drones: 
  1. Always listen to the pilot
  2. Never go near a drone when propellors are spinning, even if it’s on the ground.
  3. If you see something that looks broken, tell a Verge team member.
  4. When drones are plugged in, never put your hand on the lid. It causes the drone to lose signal.
  5. When drones are plugged in, always carry them by the arm and parallel to the ground.
  6. If a drone fails to launch, auto lands or crashes, don't go near it. 
  7. Handle the batteries with care. 
  8. Look for broken propellers. If you find one, alert a Verge employee.
  9. Look for antenna that aren't properly aligned and adjust them as necessary.

How To Handle Drones:





When drones are powered on:
- Hold by arm
- Hold parallel to ground

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