Handling and safety
  1. Always handle batteries with care and treat them like explosives.
  2. Don't throw or toss the batteries, always place them gently. 
  3. If a battery is accidently dropped or mishandled, give it to a Verge employee.  
To charge batteries, follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Connect the power terminal on the battery to one of the power terminal on the charger.

Step 2:
Connect the four pin balance port on the battery to the four pin header on the charger. 

Before you start charging, confirm the charge settings are set to LiPo Battery, 5.1A, Balance Charge, as seen in the image below.  If you see the charger is set incorrectly, find a Verge employee to help you. 

Once batteries are connected to the charger and you have confirmed the settings are correct, follow the below steps to initiate charging:

Step 1:
Press and holding the START/ENTER button until you hear a beep.

Step 2:
Release the start button and wait until you hear a longer beep. 

Step 3:
Pressing the START/ENTER button to confirm. 

Step 4:
Once charging screen will show Li3S 5.0A XX.XV as seen below. This must be done separately for each charging slot.

When a battery is done charging, the charger will beep and read FULL in the upper left corner of the screen. To remove batteries from the chargers, follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Press the MODE/ESC button on the bottom left of the screen and disconnect the battery from the charger. 

Step 2:
Disconnect the battery cables from the charger.

To check a battery using a battery checker, connect the battery to a battery checker by plugging in the balance port connector of the battery into pins 1-4 of the balance port on the battery checker. 

  1. If cells are more than 20mV apart (they have an imbalance >20mV), do not use the battery. 
  2. If a cell is missing (the checker only reports 2 cells instead of 3), do not use the battery.
  3. If the battery is puffed up or physically damaged enough to where you can see the metal inside, do not use the battery.

Battery Checker Video: 

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